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On May 24, 1662, the Good Ship Hoop, having completed a 46-day journey to America, dropped anchor at New Amsterdam, delivering its roster of passengers from Holland. Among them were two brothers, Willem Lubbertsen and Lubbert Lubbertsen Van Westervelt and their families. These two brothers were the progenitors of the Van Westervelt-Westervelt family in America.
The Westervelt Reunion of 1933 - Blawenburg, NJ
On the following pages you will find many important photos of Westervelts and related families, some dating to the mid-19th century. In future months, we hope to not only expand the collection of photographs, but to delve into some of the history of the Westervelt family and to publish the genealogy, as compiled by Walter Tallman Westervelt (1854-1904) during the second half of his life.
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